Frequently Asked Questions

What unit sizes are available? 
Each of our units are 12 feet wide and 40 feet long with 14 foot tall clearance. Doors come equipped with alarms and cylinder locks.

Can I come and view the facility and various storage spaces? Do I need an appointment? 

We welcome all visits to our facility. However, we do recommend calling prior to your visit to ensure availability. 

What if I need more or less space after I move in? 
No problem. With month-to-month leases you can conveniently increase or decrease your unit size at any time (subject to availability). 

What kind of documentation do I need to rent a unit?
A valid driver’s license or federal ID with picture is required to lease a unit.  Watercraft, RV, and other motor vehicle must be accompanied by current registration and proof of insurance.  A one time $25 administration fee is charged for all new tenants.

How safe is Keys Secure Boat and RV Storage? 
We’ve installed the latest state-of-the-art security systems with keypads at the gate to record the access and departure times of each tenant. Each tenant is given a unique Gate Access Code that is known only by the tenant and authorized users of that unit. If a tenant feels the Gate Access Code has been comprised, we insist on issuing a new access code. Each individual unit is alarmed, and should someone ever open a unit without authorization, several audible alarms sound and the local authorities are notified.
Are there any items I can’t store? 
Common sense and state laws determine what may be stored. You alone control access to your storage space. Items you should never store include, but are not limited to, live animals, perishables, liquids, explosives, flammables, paint and cleaners. Throw away anything that could possibly cause a fire. Do not store food or any item that could attract rodents or pests.
Do I pay rent for my unit from the beginning of the month? 
Whenever you want to begin renting a unit – any day of the week or month – is okay with us.  We will pro-rate your bill if you move in during the middle of a monthly cycle.  Our typical aggreement is for a year.  Monthly payment is due by the first of each month unless Tenant or Landlord delivers to the other party a written notice of its intentions to terminate the Agreement at least five (5) days prior to the end of the then current rental month.  Late payment will result in a $20 fee. 

Does anyone else have access to my unit? 
No, unless YOU choose to give someone else access. If you do give someone else access to your unit it’s important that you give us their names. 

How does the access-gate system work? 
You are given a unique personal code. Entering this code into the front keypad opens the main gate and disarms the alarm in your unit. Once you are done in the unit, entering the code into the exit gate keypad opens the gate so you can leave and rearms your unit. 

How is my unit secured? 
Each unit has its own security alarm. Only you can gain access. The site is totally surrounded by a barbed wire security fence, and is completely lighted at night and can only be entered by customers with gate access codes. 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare my unit before I move my belongings into it? 
No, your unit will be clean and ready for you on the day you move in. 

What about insurance? 
We suggest you get insurance for peace of mind, just as you normally would for your house or business possessions. 

When do you apply a late charge? 
Late charges are assessed if payment is not made when due.